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Kid Chronos

12 x 22 Action Adventure.


When 14-year-old Toby discovers he's the son of Chronos, Lord of Time, he must master his newfound powers to protect the space-time continuum from an onslaught of evil monsters all while navigating the challenges of teenage life, pursuing his musical dreams, and winning the heart of the girl next door.

12x45 Horror Mystery Adventure

The Ethan Blake Mysteries


In 1892 London, monsters lurk in the shadows, and Ethan Blake's paranormal detective agency is the one to call. With his wolfman companion Ollie, the brave Shelley, and the guidance of Professor Grace, Ethan investigates the cases the police won't touch, shining a light into the darkness that others fear to face.

Cheese Toastie Brain Monster

52 x 11 minutes


An evil Professor accidentally creates Cheese Toastie Brain Monster, a lovable monster with a slice of cheese on toast for a brain. With his friends Marjorie and G the Guinea Pig, Toastie sets out to fulfill his destiny and learn to be evil


anime inspired_tech city copy.jpg

In a universe ruled by corporate greed, a genetically enhanced human-alien hybrid assassin navigates her fractured identity and fights for the truth of her origins in a cosmos that denies her humanity.


Three unlikely heroes, accompanied by their best friend Alice, venture out every night to protect children from the things that go bump in the night. Momo, Krag and Tiga are the Monstateers, and they help little ones overcome their nighttime worries- they’re fears- which manifest as naughty unruly monsters sent by their master Doctor Shriek to spook children all over the World. 

26 x11 minutes

Amoeba Cariba

Two Amoebas leave their life in the city and move to the Caribbean to pursue their dream of serving beachgoers juice from their very own Tiki Stand. 

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