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Cheese Toastie Brain Monster

52 x 11 minutes


An evil Professor dedicated his life to creating a monster so deliciously evil it would be remembered alongside the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein. But an untimely accident meant that instead of an evil Brain he was intending his creation got a slice of cheese on toast for a brain instead. The result is Cheese Toastie Brian monster, a naive and lovable monster who is about as scary as a fistful of bunnies.  Now with the help of his best friend the evil obsessed Marjorie and G his experimental Guinea Pig Toastie embarks on a mission to learn how to fulfill his evil destiny.

Amoeba Cariba

26 x11 minutes


Two Amoebas leave their life in the city and move to the Caribbean to pursue their dream of serving beachgoers juice from their very own Tiki Stand. But, as a pair of single celled organisms without functioning brains, they’ve got their work cut out for themselves.

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